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Mother to Many.

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After attending Alice, Becky, and Penny’s births, my midwife gave me a small book, with letter to each child and their tiny newborn footprints in the front cover. She also stamped their tiny feet on the the cover of our … Continue reading

Spanning the distance.

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Six and a half years ago, I called my dad at 10pm and told him I thought maybe… maybe I was in labor. I didn’t know. I was living here, in our tiny house in eastern Washington, and he was … Continue reading

The payday of love

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Introducing Penelope Samantha. Born at home in water, into her mama’s hands. 9:37 am, 7/12/12 7lbs 2oz, 21 inches long Our fourth sweet girl. Being born is important. ~ Carl Sandburg Being born is important. You who have stood at … Continue reading

what is mine shall know my face

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Sam – I am trying to be patient. Really, I am. I’ve always subscribed to the idea that babies are born on their birthdays, not on due dates; that women are not overdue until they are past 42 weeks; that unnecessarily rushing … Continue reading

I prefer this Washington, thankyouverymuch.

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This space has been a little dead lately, but I do still want to use it as a space to record and reflect on the major events in our lives right now. So, it would be silly for me not … Continue reading


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In this gift may you find, Strength to leave your fears behind. Comfort to know that others care, and wisdom in the words they share. This handmade gift stitched for you, holds a prayer of faith so true. May angel … Continue reading

I grabbed you baby like a wild pitch

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Is it luck that directs us to the people who will catch us when we stumble, or even more, who encourage us to jump? Today is both Father’s Day, and Tom and I’s 5th anniversary. And he is 2,487 miles … Continue reading

Never doing the time warp again.

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This pregnancy seems to have happened in a time warp. I have simultaneously been pregnant for 43 years, and somehow only have 60some days left to prepare for birth and a newborn. The end seems very surreal to me, since pregnancy is … Continue reading


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“This is the best day of my LIFE” she says, shaking the branches above her to test their strength, to see if they will hold her weight. “You know you said that yesterday, and the day before too?” I ask, … Continue reading

Kiddy Kennel, patent pending.

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Tom is away on a business trip for a week, but before he left he had to build a small coop for the “baby” chickens to move into, since they were quickly outgrowing their brooder, but were not holding their … Continue reading