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Birth Survey

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If you’ve given birth in the last three years, please consider taking the survey. The survey is exceptionally detailed, so it took me a while, but you can save and return to it as you have time. I am impressed … Continue reading

6 months down, 210 more to go.

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Alice turned 6 months old yesterday, and I woke up inspired to make Alice a video of me telling her her birth story, rather than rewrite it all out. Cute idea, right? Well, I hadn’t had my coffee yet, so … Continue reading

Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great ones make you feel that you too, can become great. – Twain

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We had our last ‘official’ meeting with Cathy the midwife the other day, and she brought by the sweetest little book for Alice. It’s this book from WA paper-cut artist Nikki McClure, and in a quick google search of her … Continue reading

Status report: Life is good.

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Today is Tom’s last full day off work, which makes me all panicky, but it will be okay. Right? Right. Tom’s family lives a mile away and have already started signing up for shifts to come over and entertain Ella … Continue reading

Worth it.

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We are on our way to bed, but wanted to let you all know that we are so so so blessed – beyond words. Once labor really got going (around 9:30) there was no holding us back. Alice was born … Continue reading

Birthing update:

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Ella’s entire labor was under 10 hours, and here I am 16 hours after this day started and am only now convinced that yeah – this is going to end in a baby. Holy crap. We spent the day eating … Continue reading

Okay, now you can panic. Quietly.

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Dear Cricket, How strange that soon you will have a name. You will have a tiny face that we will all want to claim as our own, and perfect little fingers that will grasp at the air, searching for the … Continue reading

Because if I didn't post, you would assume I was in labor.

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The second best thing about being overdue? Having an excuse to tell your very proper inlaws to “Shut up”. I’ve slipped twice in the last few days when they have called “Just to see…” and once even started the phrase … Continue reading

The 'Estimated' in Estimated Due Date is the redheaded stepchild of birth talk…

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Happy Due date to me, I wish I lived in a tree, because monkey’s don’t know, when they are due. (I can’t be bothered to rhyme. Give me a break.) Today I am meditating (in between keeping Ella out of … Continue reading

Ready for my close up

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I *heart* my camcorder – I spent the last few hours tinkering with it and the oh so stylish Windows Movie Maker, and am half convinced that maybe I’ll just start video casting my blog. But.. then I would have … Continue reading