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You guys are great. Thank you so much for the responses on the last post. The last few days have been mildly better, in part because Meghan brought me chocolate, and I managed to get some acupuncture last night. My … Continue reading

Public Service Announcement:

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With everything that is going on right now, you wouldn’t think that I would have time to seriously consider which nationally available ice cream brands have the best coffee flavored variety. After months of research, and complete surrender never to … Continue reading


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The more days that go between blog posts, the harder it is for me to decide what on earth to write about. So how about a quick jumbled mess of a post to catch you all up, aye? Cool. – … Continue reading

This is how my mind works today.

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I am now officially down to my pre-pregnancy weight. Don’t be too envious – squish belly is still in full effect. Nothing like having a deflated beach ball around your midsection to make you feel great. I am anxious to … Continue reading

I'm fancy like ketchup

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Soda Vs. Pop. This makes me giggle because #1 – SO TRUE, and #2, oh grad school. So many man hours went into putting this together. Cat and Girl.  I’m slowly making my way backwards in the archives and have … Continue reading

Brain Dump

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Is it impractical to plan on Kate Winslet playing me in the movie of my life, even though she is 8 years older than I am? I am working on Alice’s birth announcement, and they come in packs of 100, … Continue reading