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In slow motion

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My dear Alice, out of nowhere you are walking. Yesterday morning you refused to stand even when I gave you my fingers, and last night you stood up and walked across the room. I’ve been joking for months that you … Continue reading

Sleeping like a baby isn't all it's cracked up to be.

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I decided on New Years that my resolution this year is to sleep eight hours in a row at least once. I just want to go to sleep, and not wake up at 11 pm, and midnight, and 2am, and … Continue reading

Ho Ho Ho, that will be $23.99

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I’m doing a Day in the Life for each girl for their birthdays, so this will be part of Alice’s (yesterday) but I just had to ask: Do you think she is a mama’s girl? No way. Monkey baby FTW. … Continue reading

What I didn't know I was missing.

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A little video for Alice’s birthday. It’s been a great year. (Press play for music, and move your mouse over the pictures to control the speed. Song is “New Morning”, by Bob Dylan and sung by Elizabeth Mitchell and Lisa … Continue reading

Catching up

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I’m spending the day alone with Alice, and it’s amazing how much bigger she seems when Ella is not towering over her. Right now she is standing at the little play table, eating a snack from a bowl, humming a … Continue reading

Win, win, win, fail.

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Alice woke up today in such a great mood (yelling “Ellllla, Ellllllla, Hi! Ellllllla? Hi!” across the bed) and it set the tone for our entire day. We are sick, but we are happy. We made it up north to … Continue reading


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Step #1for succeeding at NaBloPoMo: Know when November starts. How did that happen? I didn’t think yesterday was October 32nd, but I was also sure that November started on a Sunday. Another hazard of stay-at-home motherhood: you never know quite … Continue reading

Where every leaf is a flower

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I just wrote an entire entry about how frustrating today was, but really, it was just bits and pieces that colored the rest of a very good day. It’s like this a lot really, and I am trying (continually trying) … Continue reading

Before I forget…

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Sometimes when the girls are being too much, I threaten “If you ask me for juice one more time, I’m packing you up and shipping you to Abu Dhabi!” Ella, of course, responds with “I WANT JUICE” and my head … Continue reading

And the green grass grows all around, all around, and the green grass grows all around.

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Tom was complaining the other day that he doesn’t have any new photos for his wallet, and I scoffed. ‘Cause I don’t take pictures very often, right? Log thee onto and order thy self some photos, sir. It did … Continue reading