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DITL, Ultrasound Edition

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DITL: Day in the Life. Carry around a camera all day and record the mundane, because someday it will be significant. A history of our DITL’s can be found here. It’s a Tuesday, and Tom is home because we have an … Continue reading


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Today I ran into the supermarket holding my bag over my head as a makeshift umbrella, shivering with each crash of thunder, and by the time I came back out with a weeks worth of meals, the sidewalks were dry. … Continue reading

DITL 4/27/10

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Tom went back to work full time last week, and honestly, it wasn’t until this weekend when he was home again that I realized how tired I was.  My days are already a blur of diapers and snacks and trying … Continue reading

DITL Bonus

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So, for the sake of having them all in one place: I present a day in the life of our family, at random intervals over the last two years: 2/3/06 2/10/06 2/18/06 2/26/06 3/14/06 6/18/06 10/15/06 12/9/06 (Ella’s first birthday) … Continue reading

DITL 2/8/08

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A day in the life of our family, in photos