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Crawling in dangerous business.

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We just can’t win lately. This is a recreation of the scene, many hours later. I didn’t stop to take a picture when it happened, I swear. (“Wait right there baby, I need to get my camera and update Facebook!”) … Continue reading

Rolls run in the family

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Just in case you were wondering where Becky got those cheeks from, I present a picture of six month old Ivory. And a few Smurfs.

Psychic Pizza

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Tom swears he did not call pizza hut and tell them that no one in our family likes olives, other than me, and thus I did not deserved an entire half of a pizza, but the only other explanation is that someone working in … Continue reading

Dear universe:

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I don’t know what I did to reep such lousy karma today, but I’M SORRY. And stop taking it out on my kids already, okay? Sincerely, Ivory I spent 6 hours in the pediatric ER last night, after Becky’s 103 … Continue reading

Guest post: Cricket Edition

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We recently went to a small birthday celebration for a friend’s daughter at a local coffee shop. I met this friend when we were both in prenatal yoga, when I was pregnant with Alice, and she with her daughter, who … Continue reading


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Recently a friend of mine posted about her take on minimalist fashion, per the 333 project. I immediately posted the link to facebook, and found that most of my friends fall into two categories: people who love their clothes and can … Continue reading

Bubba is not a LOL cat.

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Bubba cat disproves of my inability to write today. She doesn’t care that Becky had a fever, or that Alice has been set to “10”, or that Ella… well, Ella was actually pretty good today. But Bubba doesn’t care. She … Continue reading

And I think to myself, what a wonderful world

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*Becky says “NO mama, you can’t work on that long blog post you’ve been sketching out all day, you need to hoooooooooooold me, I’s just a baaaaaaaaby, mamamamamamama.” And look at this face, how can I say no? So, enjoy … Continue reading

Chicken update: scrambled edition

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Five of our chickens are laying now, including one of the Ameraucanas, which lays the most beautiful blue eggs. It’s hard to get the color right in photos, but I am going to try to match this color for the … Continue reading

It comes after October, dummy.

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A (nonblogging, I swear they still exist) friend just emailed me to ask if I am doing NaBloPoMo, to which I said “WhataButaWhoda.. November? it’s NOVEMBER?!” Y’all, it’s November. And I’m going to attempt NaBloPoMo, again. Have I ever finished … Continue reading