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It's not worms, or stress, but maybe it could be stressed out worms.

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Today, after many months of waiting for an appointment, I finally saw The Amazing Gut Doctor. I brought in a timeline of how often I go through these kinds of attacks (no less than twice a year, though rarely are … Continue reading

Lost and found.

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After telling the story twice this week, and finding myself in tears both times, I realized I have never written out exactly what happened early in Ella’s pregnancy. I’ve skirted around it, because truthfully, 4 years later, it still is … Continue reading

Dear body: Get with it, or get out.

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A quick warning: This post will be about menstruation. It will also acknowledge the fact that I sometimes have sex. It will probably also contain cuss words in multiple languages . If that makes you all twitchy and uncomfortable, move … Continue reading

Because sick is the new black.

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Well hello there. *waggles eyebrows* (Unrelated, but a search for “eyebrow waggle” took me to this video which made my night. Careful, you’ll strain yourself.) If you follow me over on twitter, you know all too much about what I … Continue reading

Sl1 k2tog psso try to keep from running away

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Sl1 k2tog psso try to keep from running away, originally uploaded by ivymae. Knitting to take my mind off the coming root canal. Eeeeep. Edited later, with an ice pack on my face: ouch. Ouuuuch. Hot damn you guys. Can’t … Continue reading

When your dentist has dentures, you should take it as a warning.

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You would think after giving birth twice, naturally, out of the hospital, that something as mundane as going to the dentist wouldn’t give me hives, but it does. We’ve had our new dental insurance for months now, but I put … Continue reading


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The more days that go between blog posts, the harder it is for me to decide what on earth to write about. So how about a quick jumbled mess of a post to catch you all up, aye? Cool. – … Continue reading

It hurts too much to change a diaper, yet I still find a way to write in my blog…

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I think I have arthritis in my hands, and I’m really quite pissed about it, since the joints where my thumbs meet my hands are so swollen that I can not: press the space bar without wincing, pick up the … Continue reading