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I am crying in the car. It happens a lot lately, since it is one of the only places I can avoid my childrens’ eyes. Keep my eyes on the road, turn up the music and let all the shit … Continue reading

Because I said so!

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The “why”s are killing me, y’all. Ella: Where is Daddy? Me: He’s at work. E: Why? M: Because he needs to make money. E: Why? M: Because we have to buy food. E: Why? M: Because we don’t live on … Continue reading

Because sick is the new black.

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Well hello there. *waggles eyebrows* (Unrelated, but a search for “eyebrow waggle” took me to this video which made my night. Careful, you’ll strain yourself.) If you follow me over on twitter, you know all too much about what I … Continue reading

Bad mommy day.

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Rewriting that nasty post you may have seen. Library time was a mess today, and I have to take some of the blame for it spiraling from ‘frustrating’ into ‘Leaving Ella standing in the middle of the library screaming, while … Continue reading

Just another manic Saturday

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Day in bullets: Wake up too damn early, Tom already gone, and two little girls poking my eyes. No time for a shower Coffee coffee coffee Sew, bake, make messes Alice on my back, Ella watching PBS Sit and Be … Continue reading


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I’m in a community online that is centered around Attached Parenting (AP), and there has recently been a lot of discussion of what exactly AP is. To many of us, it is a huge umbrella term, that contains many many … Continue reading

Where every leaf is a flower

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I just wrote an entire entry about how frustrating today was, but really, it was just bits and pieces that colored the rest of a very good day. It’s like this a lot really, and I am trying (continually trying) … Continue reading

Before I forget…

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Sometimes when the girls are being too much, I threaten “If you ask me for juice one more time, I’m packing you up and shipping you to Abu Dhabi!” Ella, of course, responds with “I WANT JUICE” and my head … Continue reading

We glaze all day

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Two dessert plates: $20 Paint and kiln fee: $7 An hour of painting while Alice slept in the sling: Restorative Rushing through writing their names and birthdays, because Alice woke up, and I was late to meet up with friends: … Continue reading

Because pictures make me happy.

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Mr. Mystery Melon says to back up off his bowl of cheese. Also, ignore the tower of pans in the background, because, uh, he’s been busy. The girls play under this chair every single day, and laugh the entire time. … Continue reading