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I’m going back to work. I know! That is about how I feel too, Alice. Surprised, anxious, off kilter, but mostly excited. I put the feelers out to a former boss over a month ago to keep me in mind … Continue reading

Silver linings are often under 3ft tall.

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(Denise, this is your warning. Apparently all I can write lately is things that make me all weepy, so get your hankie ready.) I went to bed mad last night. Angry. Pissed off. The reason seems trivial by the light … Continue reading

On blessings in the form of books and princesses.

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You know how sometimes, when you are on the fence about a decision, if you just quit thinking about it something will come along and make the decision for you? I think God/fate/the cosmos want me to homeschool. Otherwise, when … Continue reading

Shark baby

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Houston, we have a tooth. If I were a good mom, I would be able to pull out Ella’s tooth chart and see if she also got her lower right front tooth first, but instead I would have to go … Continue reading


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I’m a good mom. How often do you stand up, puff out your chest a little, and brag that “I am good at this“? Not often enough. Instead, I am usually preoccupied with how I can be a better mom, … Continue reading


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The more days that go between blog posts, the harder it is for me to decide what on earth to write about. So how about a quick jumbled mess of a post to catch you all up, aye? Cool. – … Continue reading

Why don't Leap Pads come with headphone jacks?

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Note to self: when taking a long walk with the girls, remember to bring a sling along even if Alice has liked the stroller in the past. Otherwise, you will be walking 2 miles home with a screaming baby, with … Continue reading


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I Wear My Stretchmarks Like Tattoos to show I am a woman whose belly has billowed a mainsail on a pirate ship on its way to treasure a queen-size-bed topsheet on a new clothesilne in March they make silver parantheses … Continue reading


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Just a few Ella-isms that I don’t want to forget. Feeding Bubba the cat invisible fish: “Bubba, try it! It tastes like candy! Just one bite, yummmy. Not mushrooms, fish candy! Try it! Mmmmm. Did you like it? No? Okay, … Continue reading