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I'm even thankful for his morning breath.

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Tom’s grandparents were married September 25th, 1948. Sixty years. Today I am so thankful to wake up next to my husband. I plan to for at least another 56 years. (Rare photo of us pre-kids, although technically Ella is a … Continue reading

Moody McMooderson.

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In case you missed what these are, catch up over here. Another week of data, and another chart. Last week sucked, ya’ll. Being sick, knowing the 15th was coming up, the weather… I’m glad it’s a new week.

I love you more than there are stars in the sky, or waves in the ocean.

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Not a lot of words today. I am feeling quiet, and am just looking forward to tomorrow. But because I wanted to mark the day somehow, I dug through boxes to find this old recording of my mom reading Owly … Continue reading

Lazy Links

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Crap, I almost missed today. 6 minutes left, how about some links? Just how much coffee can I drink in a day before it kills me? 64 cups?! That’s ALL? I thought these looked great for my sister and nephews … Continue reading


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First, just in case you missed it: an explanation of what this is. And so ends the first week of November. You can see that yesterday did end a lot better than I expected. While Ella napped at home with … Continue reading

The Donkey in the Room

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So, a post about the election. I know you are all read out about it, but bear with me. There is so much to say, but what I keep coming back to is that feeling of fear and anger that … Continue reading

It may also be the 45 tiny kitkat bars I ate for breakfast.

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A friend asked if she missed something with my little charts, so in the spirit of “If one person asks, others are thinking it” I thought I would clarify what they are. The other day, I wondered why I felt … Continue reading

“The ballot is stronger than bullets.” – Schumpeter

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I’ve been emotional all day, thinking about tomorrow. On one hand, I am anxious about the results, but on the other, I am just so proud to live in a country that can speak its will, and that has such … Continue reading


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Step #1for succeeding at NaBloPoMo: Know when November starts. How did that happen? I didn’t think yesterday was October 32nd, but I was also sure that November started on a Sunday. Another hazard of stay-at-home motherhood: you never know quite … Continue reading


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Well kids, we survived NaBloPoMo, and in the process.. well, nothing really. No after school special moral to be found here, except maybe that quality is a better goal than quantity. One of my goals with writing every day of … Continue reading