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You guys are great. Thank you so much for the responses on the last post. The last few days have been mildly better, in part because Meghan brought me chocolate, and I managed to get some acupuncture last night. My … Continue reading

What is a good wine pairing for rockyroad ice cream?

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Since Ella is staying the night at her grandparent’s, and Alice should be falling asleep early tonight since she didn’t nap, Tom and I are planning to spend the entire afternoon eating junk food and catching up on Battlestar Galactica, … Continue reading

Home is where you hang your 25 coats.

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I love you twitter, but you are killing my blogging. I realized today, while twittering about the possibility of us selling our home, that 140 words just isn’t enough to tackle a subject like this. Or maybe it’s the fact … Continue reading


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I’m going back to work. I know! That is about how I feel too, Alice. Surprised, anxious, off kilter, but mostly excited. I put the feelers out to a former boss over a month ago to keep me in mind … Continue reading

On blessings in the form of books and princesses.

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You know how sometimes, when you are on the fence about a decision, if you just quit thinking about it something will come along and make the decision for you? I think God/fate/the cosmos want me to homeschool. Otherwise, when … Continue reading

Bad moments of good days

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When I was 19, I walked into the Columbia River, and felt the water reach my hips, my shoulders, my chin. I kept walking. I closed my eyes as I opened my lips, and let the water muffle the shouts … Continue reading

Suzie Homemaker and her trusty band of dust bunnies

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On our taxes this year, my occupation was listed as “Housewife” which made Tom and I both laugh. Perhaps if you could see my house, you would laugh too. I… am not a housekeeper. I was upfront with Tom about … Continue reading

I told them I was the Queen of Hearts, and then they all fell down.

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Today has been one of those up and down days. We spent the morning with friends, and (despite the normal toddler drama) it was both relaxing and energizing to just stand in my backyard and chat. It isn’t very often … Continue reading

He's the Man in the Yellow Hat, to my George.

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I was that kid. You know the one. The one who, at every single opportunity, asked “Why?” “How?” “Can I?” My poor mom, I realize now how frustrating I must have been. Add to my constant questioning the fact that … Continue reading

Pretty is as pretty does.

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No, that’s not a rat. The other day on the question post (which I am slowly working on answers to), my friend Jodie asked “ In a post on a message board you and I are both on, you mentioned … Continue reading