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It amazes me every year that my garden actually grows food. Between the digging, the planting, the weeding and the watering, I forget that I am nurturing more than my own soul.  

Backyard homestead update: Julyish

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Can you believe that six weeks ago we started this: And now we have this? Well, at least the chickens are impressed. “We really thought you’d kill it all Ivory! Thanks for those radish leaves, BOCK BOCK.” More pictures of … Continue reading

My own little Taj Mahal (of chicken poop).

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The chicken coop is finally complete. After looking through 29,752 plans for chicken coops, Tom and Mike started their patented “Let’s just start building and see what happens” technique, which somehow always ends up working. It helps that Mike was … Continue reading

Grow grow grow

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Two weeks in, and so far I’ve only killed four things. And guys, things are actually growing. Look! Broccoli! Beans! I love the one on the left breaking through. Tomato flowers! (Also a dead tomato plant int he background. Oops.) … Continue reading

out of hopeful green stuff woven

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When Tom first proposed the idea of selling the big house (3000 sq ft, 800 of which was my huge craft room *sob*) and moving back to our little house (700 sq ft), one of his selling points was that we could … Continue reading

Year of pleasures #14

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Chickens! I wrote a few months ago about our plans for chickens, and despite the fact that up until last month we had done very little research or legwork on preparing a coop, during our last DITL day we bit … Continue reading