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Not drowning but waving

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Things have been hard lately. The pit has been lurking for a while, following me around corners, cutting off my path, growing and growing until I felt like I was on a island in the center, unable to jump across … Continue reading

Dear body: Get with it, or get out.

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A quick warning: This post will be about menstruation. It will also acknowledge the fact that I sometimes have sex. It will probably also contain cuss words in multiple languages . If that makes you all twitchy and uncomfortable, move … Continue reading

What is a good wine pairing for rockyroad ice cream?

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Since Ella is staying the night at her grandparent’s, and Alice should be falling asleep early tonight since she didn’t nap, Tom and I are planning to spend the entire afternoon eating junk food and catching up on Battlestar Galactica, … Continue reading

The chip in my shoulder is from the rocks they keep dropping there.

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If you are following me on Twitter, you know that I had one of the most bizarre doctor’s office visit experiences earlier. If you’ve been a reader, you know that I am not a big fan of doctors – or … Continue reading


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Today was a low day. Homemade soup and cookies from Chelsea was definitely the high point, and the low point is about every 15 seconds when I can’t breathe because the whole choking on my own throat thing. No one … Continue reading

Tonight, tonight

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Tonight Ella looked at me while we were playing in her room before bedtime and said “Oh mama, I know you miss your mommy, but it’s okay”. We hadn’t been talking about my mom, and she certainly doesn’t understand why … Continue reading

Ring ring, it's Ivory, phoning it in!

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This cold is making my asthma flare up again, and oh, let me tell you, it’s been fun. I didn’t make the connection between my (constant) cough and my asthma until Tom brought me my inhaler at 3am, even though … Continue reading


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That happy, caffeinated span on time between inhaling a 16oz pumpkin latte and an enormous fudge brownie, and the ensuing crash, is almost worth it. Almost.

Love you big.

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Into the Wild has been sitting on top of our DVD player for weeks now, waiting to either be watched or returned to Blockbuster. We do this a lot – rent movies and end up owning them – but the … Continue reading


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I slept on the floor of Ella’s room last night, aware of every passing car, of all the various ticks and thumps that echo in a sleeping house. I was both embarrassed to be so frightened of shadows, and sure … Continue reading