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This is the point in time when/she must re-condense her purpose/like ink, like rain, like winter light/like foolishness and hatred/like the blood her hand first knew/as a wet patch on the staircase wall/she was feeling her way down in the dark.

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Beyond all odds, Ella is still asleep right now. It’s in these quiet, still moments that Motherhood catches up with me. How do I spend this (unguaranteed, quickly expiring) chunk of time – A shower? Breakfast? Cleaning up last night’s … Continue reading

If you don't have anything nice to say…

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One of the requirements to being a humorist is that your reader needs to think you are always having a good time, even if you are not. I, for so many reasons including this one, am not a humorist. When … Continue reading

Now I feel silly for using dental floss on those stitches yesterday…

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We. Have. Health. Insurance. I am giddy. If I break my leg tomorrow, I do not have to set it myself! If Ella is still raspy in a few days, I can totally take her to the doctor! If Tom … Continue reading

I won an Earth Day writing contest when I was 12.

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Happy Earth day ya’ll. To mark it, Tom and I watched An Inconvienient Truth. I will spare you all another meandering diatribe, since I really am not as morose as my previous post would have you think. So how about … Continue reading

Confession: I was raised to be a wolf.

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Growing up, family was a vague and fluid idea. Sometimes it held my father, sometimes my mother, and for fleeting moments, both. Sometimes I had aunts, sometimes I had cousins, but generally only in summer, and half of the people … Continue reading

Crafty Mc'Crafterson

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I know I just posted 20 minutes ago, and I should be putting on my shoes to go to school, but I need to show you what I just finished. It’s a big sister shirt! I decided I wanted to … Continue reading

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 I could have sworn I saw my little brother today, at the the bus stop near my house. Same build, same hair, same walk. I double took as I drove by, and then sat in my driveway for a minute … Continue reading


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Last night on my way to pick up Tom at the bus park-and-ride, I passed a woman holding a tiny infant girl, with two small boys walking behind her. She was carrying a tattered diaper bag in her free hand, … Continue reading

Life is good

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    Oh, give us pleasure in the flowers today; And give us not to think so far away As the uncertain harvest; keep us here All simply in the springing of the year. Robert Frost, from A Prayer in … Continue reading

Birth Junkie

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Talking with friends at knit club (knit club, party time, fabulous) I realized how excited I am for (get read to hate me) birth. Birth! I am excited for birth! I just came out of the closet as a birth-lover! … Continue reading