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Looking for all the pieces of the pie…. I prefer cherry. With apple and lemon meringue on top. With a slice of Boston creme on the side. Ala mode.

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On the blog title: A couple people have asked me what “The Trivial Pursuit of Happiness”  is supposed to mean, under the assumption that I gave it much thought before I hopped on the wordpress bandwagon and got myself a … Continue reading

I wish my thoughts were ever deliberate….

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God I love Fall. I love light sweaters and layers and socks and turning on the furnace and pumpkin spice everything. I almost bought a pumpkin at Safeway yesterday, but stopped myself because I know I have no time to … Continue reading


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The Spokane Birth event will be held TODAY (Saturday, Sept. 22) at Spokane Falls community College from 1:00 to 5:00. The play will be held at 2pm, with a Birth Fair between 1 and 5. Tickets are $5 ; kids … Continue reading


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A list, because today starts another adventure in single-parenting (thank god only until Wednesday afternoon) and I can’t spare the effort to make narratives out of these: This makes me sad. Not only because 41 countries in the world have … Continue reading

Absorbtion and absolution.

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I worked on Ella’s belly cast last night, for the first time since we made it the day before her due date. I was inspired by a goddess painting I had seen months ago, which I quickly sketched on the … Continue reading

The longest short list ever.

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A short list of things I thought about writing a blog about, and maybe will, but not today. Today is for fair food and listening to the 13 unheard voicemails I have from this morning. (Not joking. One bit.) How … Continue reading

Hey you!

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I’m totally not going to jinx myself by saying that I think PukeFest 2007 is over. Not gonna do it. I will say that we all slept 12 hours last night, plus 3 or 4 naps each during the day, … Continue reading

What goes around, comes around.

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Ya’ll, I think I have the bird flu. Or rather the “Come on universe, I just stopped throwing up from morning sickness, do I really need to be reminded how bad my stomach acid tastes?” flu. I guess in terms … Continue reading

Dear teeth and stomachs: you suck.

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Ella is slowly coming back from the pukeyside, (like the darkside, except with more vomit), and we have spent 70% of the day snuggled up on the couch together, watching TV. In fact,that is how we also spent our night, … Continue reading

Things I want to remember: Catching puke in my hands has never made me feel so loved.

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I am going to steal a tag from Citymama, which I wish I would have started years ago. In a lot of ways, blogs (and their paper counterparts) have been a long list of “Things I Want to Remember”. I … Continue reading