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Bring the wine, it's a pity party!

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I wonder what I would find if I were to chart my emotions and energy for a month. Is it just Thursdays that send me for a tail spin, or is it 2pm? The last week of a month? Does … Continue reading

Murphy's Baby

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Oh hey guys! I thought it was getting too quiet around here, what with the fever going down and all, so I decided to develop a crazy rash! It’s totally from the antibiotics, so you know my mom flipped out, … Continue reading

Word Up!

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Hehe. Not familiar with WordGirl and Captain Huggy Face? You’re not alone – they are new on PBS kids, and taught Ella the words enormous, absurd and hullabaloo. Ella chose what to be (it was close between this and a … Continue reading

The days are long, the nights are longer

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Today has been… well, I imagine you know how today has been. Depending on how long it’s been since Alice’s last dose of medicine, she’s either been really great, or really really sick. We jump back and forth between normal … Continue reading

Panic level yellow.

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Well poop. I’m not one to panic over a high temp, but after consulting with our pediatrician a couple times today (even though he is out of town, love him) we agree that we’re going to take Alice down to … Continue reading

Just another manic Saturday

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Day in bullets: Wake up too damn early, Tom already gone, and two little girls poking my eyes. No time for a shower Coffee coffee coffee Sew, bake, make messes Alice on my back, Ella watching PBS Sit and Be … Continue reading


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I’m in a community online that is centered around Attached Parenting (AP), and there has recently been a lot of discussion of what exactly AP is. To many of us, it is a huge umbrella term, that contains many many … Continue reading


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That happy, caffeinated span on time between inhaling a 16oz pumpkin latte and an enormous fudge brownie, and the ensuing crash, is almost worth it. Almost.

With blessings of the breasts

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Some friends and I are hosting a baby shower for another friend this weekend, and while we all cringe at the idea of shower games, we did agree that the baby picture game would be fun. basically, everyone brings a … Continue reading

Mindless Musings

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Check out these plates! I’m still bummed about the craptacular lettering, but that’s an ongoing pityparty thing – boo hoo, my handwriting is horrible. It must be a pretty good life when the things that keep me awake at night … Continue reading