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Come along little Cricket…

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Since I drop off Ella at co-op two mornings a week, Alice and I have, for the first time she she was born, dedicated alone time. Admittedly, most days that means we come home and pick up the house together, … Continue reading

Ignore it and it will go away

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I am frustrated, sick, and exhausted today, but am trying not to focus on all of that. Instead, how about a list of things that make me happy? First: ¬†happy girls on¬†llamas. (Here’s Ella riding llamas last year. Apparently it’s … Continue reading

Little house update: dirty

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Bad house news: Michael had three roommates who did not get the memo: Get the F out of my house. They have known for months (and months and months) that Michael was leaving, and yet, when we walked into the … Continue reading

Next time, ask for a pony!

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It’s a joke in our family that Tom does not know how to worry, because he never has to. When I am panicking, he truly does not understand the emotions involved with anxiety, because he has an unwavering belief that … Continue reading

Not to be read with your morning coffee.

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I have been sicker this pregnancy than I was with either of the girls, by about 3000%. Don’t get me wrong; I threw up off and on with the girls, unlike my sister, who never threw up even once with … Continue reading

What, they are blue, so they could be blue prints, right?

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Tom’s younger brother Michael is leaving to Navy boot camp this week, which is upsetting on some levels, but I have to admit I am also a bit excited, since it means the little house will be empty. Michael knows … Continue reading

Two little ducks went out to play, over the hills and far away

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I woke up at 7am this morning, sure we had overslept. Ella had to be to school by 8:45, so we had plenty of time, but still, there that too familiar panic of the first day of school. I loved … Continue reading

Nigh'night ninny.

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I’ve waited a week to post this, skeptical that it would stick, but it appears to be true: Alice has weaned. (Alice, 5 minutes old) Last Thursday she was nursing as much as usual, but by Friday morning she had … Continue reading