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Year of pleasures #27

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Friends with pool connections. Also, friends with keen eyes and quick reflexes when my kids try to breathe water. Next summer we will tackle swim lessons. We’ve done “level 1/guppy” with Ella a few times (at 6 months old, and … Continue reading

$2 says they pull them down within a week.

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We’re gearing up for a yard sale this weekend, so I’ve been going through boxes in the garage, and am stunned at how much stuff we own.  Again. In my defense, it is not new stuff, just old stuff I … Continue reading

It's probably a good thing I'm not doing this for survival

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My mother-in-law is in New Zealand for a few weeks, teaching quilting classes half way around the world (it’s a hard knock life), so the girls and I have been stopping by her house a couple times a week to … Continue reading

We put the Hip in hippie

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Sometimes when Tom is giving me a hard time about being a hippie (as he drinks his organic coffee and makes plans for expanding our garden), I defend myself by saying “Hey, I don’t own any tie-dye!” And then this … Continue reading

Year of pleasures #26

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Homemade vanilla cherry ice cream. There are much more involved recipes out there for basic vanilla ice cream (with eggs, and tempering, and resting, and specialty ingredients) but I’m lazy a fan of simplicity, and have used this basic recipe … Continue reading

Backyard homestead update: Julyish

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Can you believe that six weeks ago we started this: And now we have this? Well, at least the chickens are impressed. “We really thought you’d kill it all Ivory! Thanks for those radish leaves, BOCK BOCK.” More pictures of … Continue reading

Year of pleasures #25

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Alice. Just… Alice. There are not words to express how much I love this kid. Also, a unnecessarily long “interview” with her, which I expect no one to watch, but I’m sure I will cherish. She had gotten in trouble … Continue reading

Year of Pleasures #24

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Becky’s thumb I know in a couple years I am going to be cursing this day, when I am celebrating the fact that Becky loves to suck her thumb, but ya’ll – she puts herself to sleep. None of my … Continue reading

DITL, TLDR version.

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A day in the life, in words rather than pictures. Warning: the day starts out rough, and I try to be honest about it all, but oh god do I want to edit it. The day does get better though, … Continue reading

Tip: headphones double as earplugs.

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Have I mentioned before that our house is 700 sq ft, and the sound.. oh the sound three little girls make manages to fill it up by 8am? If you need us, we’re outside, probably on a long walk. We’ll … Continue reading