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Year of Pleasures #6

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I’m not sure what makes me happier: having a kind, anonymous neighbor who cleared all the sidewalks on our block when it snowed a foot overnight, or having kids who, when they realize someone has done something so generous, say “Let’s make … Continue reading

Year of Pleasures #5

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A guest post over at Aimee’s, about our choice to homeschool. I wish I had stressed that I do not think homeschool is for everyone, in the same way I do not think natural birth, breastfeeding, cloth diapering, babywearing, and … Continue reading

A gasp of joy.

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My Lover Gave Me Green Leaves By Josephine Dickinson My lover gave me green leaves with the mud of the garden on them, radishes sharp and red, nasturtium flames. He gave me the tender heart of a cabbage, its glossy … Continue reading

Dog days of February

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We’ve had Lily just over three weeks now, and we’ve had our highs and lows. She is a great dog 75% of the time – following commands, learning new ones, being so very patient with the kids, playing well with … Continue reading

Chicken update: loud

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A friend of a friend recently asked me excitedly about having chickens, and it was only after a few minutes of complaining about my really loud, annoying chicken that I realized I was probably turning her off of having chickens … Continue reading


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The fact that, when Ella walked in and saw this going on, her first reaction was to laugh until she couldn’t breathe, and then grab my camera and take pictures. That’s my girl. So not only do I have to … Continue reading