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High above the chimney tops

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Ella recently started asking to learn to play the¬†ukulele, and¬†after watching a handful of Victoria Vox‘s youtube videos, and I’m thinking I will learn along with her. Ella has not seen The Wizard of Oz yet, but immediately fell in … Continue reading

Year of Pleasures #10

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My handy handy husband. I was complaining one day about not having a place to start seeds (or rather, about all the seed starts on my desk, which is also where I sew, facebook and pile things when I do … Continue reading

The lighting of a fire*

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Kindergarten registration for our school district came and went last month, and we stayed home. Facebook was full of friends updating which school their kids were registered at, and on each status I wrote how (genuinely!) excited I was for … Continue reading

Year of pleasures #9

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Singing to my babies, and having them sing back to me. It’s a nice respite in the week (month? year?) of screaming we’re in the midst of. This age comes with so many joys, and so many frustrations, for both … Continue reading

Year of Pleasures #8

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A couple of quilts and sheets, a string of Christmas lights, a stack of library books, and a day in our pajamas.  

Year of Pleasures #7

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New pictures for my “About Us” page. They really are this fuzzy in real life, I swear.


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“So, what kind of blog is it?” she asks, and I pause, considering all the ways I could answer that question. Ten years ago when I started writing online, not only would the question have been a lot different (“You … Continue reading

One foot in front of the other

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Some friends and I went out to lunch this weekend to celebrate a birthday (and oh happy day, we have another birthday to celebrate next weekend!), and as soon as James woke up from a long nap in his carseat … Continue reading