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Just in time to make her Christmas list.

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So, this happened today: And as much as I wish I could say it was a wiggly tooth, a bite of apple and a shocked “MOM!”, really it was a kiss at the door when she came home from the … Continue reading

What they wore: Fall 2011

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I am that mom. The one with the brood of small children following her through the store, dressed in tutus and cowboy boots and sunglasses at 8am. I’ve come to terms with this fact over the last few years, because … Continue reading

DITL 10/19/11

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So what if it’s a month after I took these photos? It’s still a pretty typical Day In The Life. It’s too early. Tom is about to leave for work, which means I have to get up and take care … Continue reading

A short lived love affair.

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We are in that early love stage of winter, where everything is crisp and white and lovely. I know the romance is going to wear off soon, and I am going to start calling winter ugly names, insulting it’s usefulness … Continue reading

Barney’s law: whatever can go awesome, will.

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A quick jaunt across the mountains last weekend with my girlfriends took a turn for the ridiculous when we tried to cross the pass and realized that they had closed it for the night due to snow. Of course it was. So … Continue reading

the way of her voice being hers

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Earlier this week, I had a string of day where I woke up every morning inexplicably mad. Not just annoyed at being awake too early, or frustrated at the 4780 sleep disturbances the night before, but irate. At everything. At the kids, … Continue reading

Racing one another towards joy (NaBloPoPoMo #6)

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Some of the best advice I was given when Ella was small, when I was struggling to work full time, go to school full time, plan a wedding and (surprise!) found myself pregnant again, was that I could have it … Continue reading

silent stubborn brambles (NaBloPoPoMo #5)

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We pulled out the end of the garden today, a few weeks after than we had planned. This was the story of our garden this year. We started out the season with great plans, doubling the number of boxes, planting … Continue reading

the world that was not enough (NaBloPoPoMo #4)

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“So, we are trying?’ I ask, and he smiles. “Do or do not… there is no try,” he says, and it takes me a minute to realize he is quoting Yoda. Of course he is. I raise an eyebrow, give … Continue reading

In store for her. (NaBloPoPoMo #3)

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If you ask her how old she is, she will tell you “I am five and three quarters”, and then smile slyly, and ask if you want to come to her birthday party. She is so excited to be six, … Continue reading