What, they are blue, so they could be blue prints, right?

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Tom’s younger brother Michael is leaving to Navy boot camp this week, which is upsetting on some levels, but I have to admit I am also a bit excited, since it means the little house will be empty. Michael knows I will miss him, but he also knows that I am dying to get in there and tear out the carpets, so it’s no surprise that I’ve been counting down the days. We still have not had any bites on selling our house, but I’m telling myself that it will be easier once we’re not here every day making messes. Or something. I’m just tired of the stress and upkeep, and we’re lucky that we have the option of moving into the little house without buying it, so we’re taking it.

Our tentative move-in date is October 1st, with gives us two weeks to do as much cleaning and prep work as we can, with $0 to spend on upgrades ($ from the sale of this house will fund those renovations). Right now the master list of things that we plan to do  is about 36976 pages long, but the first few weeks are simple: tear out the carpet, wash EVERYTHING, and only move over the things that will fit and that we need. The little house is little, coming in at barely 700 sqft, and even though the plan is to double the square footage over the next year (finishing the basement mainly), it will still not be a large house.

Here, I drew you some very scientific, highly researched floor plans. Meaning, none of this is to scale, and I’m fairly sure I have all rooms accounted for, but I have been known to forget small things  like that.

This is the current floor plan upstairs, and how we will be living for at least this winter, and likely into next summer.

Top floor current

And this is what it will look like at some point in the hopefully not-to-distant future:

Top floor plans

The basement currently has some walls, but is basically a dungeon where I avoid unless I need to do laundry. Tom had roommate living down there in the years before I moved in, so it is not absolutely uninhabitable, but I think you have to be fairly lax on your ideas of ‘ceiling’ and ‘insect control’. Finishing the basement will give us two (and the possibility of three) extra bedrooms, as well as an extra bathroom, which will be nice with multiple teenage girls in a few years.


But first, we have to get up those carpets which have been *ahem* partied on for fifteen years (minus the two that I lived there). Oh god. I’m pessimistic and am wondering of the subfloor is going to rot out from under us from all the beer and bong water that has been spilled on them, but Tom is optimistic that the wood floors under the (unpadded) carpet will be easily refinished. I hope this is one of those cases where the universe has some pity on me, because I do not have enough rugs to cover that kind of mess until we can fund new floors.

(Edit: Tom is helping his brother move some stuff out this afternoon, and the girls and I swung by to drop off ice cream, and OMG. Let me just point out that there are spray-painted murals of people smoking pot on some of the walls. Really. I’m not sure that they have mopped in the two years they have lived there, the bathroom STANK (from across the house) and, and.. oh god. It was just filthy. BOYS! Arg!)

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  1. Holly says:

    We refinished a 100 year old oak floor last spring and it definitely has “character” but with some sanding, mineral spirits, and polyurethane the floors look pretty good. I am sure those beer soaked floors will be fine too.

  2. haha, the description of this reminds me of the fraternity house my boyfriend lived in during the first year or so of our relationship. The bathroom was beyond disgusting. Some of the boys used the BATHROOM sink as a disposal spot for cereal milk, soup, etc.

    Good luck with all the cleaning and such ahead of you!

  3. ang says:


    that’s all.

    oh, P.S. i ? the little house. you do, too! just keep telling yourself that… :)

  4. kelly says:

    Sounds like you have clear cut evidence that boys are yucky.

    Good luck with the move!!

  5. Gretchen says:

    sounds like an adventure and a half – maybe more? be sure to not push yourself too much – says the memory of bed rest and early contractions. if my girls weren’t sick, i’d come over with some gloves.

  6. Chelsea says:

    I’m sending you lots and lots of good moving mojo. Cause I’ve got it in spades.

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