Little house update: dirty

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Bad house news: Michael had three roommates who did not get the memo: Get the F out of my house. They have known for months (and months and months) that Michael was leaving, and yet, when we walked into the house today to start working, it was obvious that many people had slept there the night before, and no one was ready to ship out. Tom, being a much more patient and forgiving person than I, offered to help the guys move everything to the kitchen (where there is no carpet), where as I just wanted to throw something expensive (maybe one of the 7 gaming consoles?) and scare them away. (Hmm, perhaps this is why the universe likes him more.)

I took some pictures, and mind you, this is after they have been “cleaning” for a week, and they should have been out yesterday. I didn’t even attempt to go into the basement, because I knew it would be bad. If you click through to these and see them large, you can see the filth. Filth!

Dirty, dirty, dirty little house Dirty, dirty, dirty little house Dirty, dirty, dirty little house Dirty, dirty, dirty little house Dirty, dirty, dirty little house

GREAT house news: Look at these beautiful honey floors! They are in great shape!  These run through every room upstairs other than the kitchen and bathroom, and I am SO thrilled not to have to spend $$$ on new flooring. They will need a good cleaning and maybe some spot patching, but that is totally doable. Also: so thrilled that we can spend money on paint, because I loved these colors when we painted four years ago, but the mystery stains on every wall are not so becoming.

Dirty, dirty, dirty little house

Tom stayed at the house and did what he could today to prepare the house for me to come in and clean this weekend, but the girls and I needed to get out of there, so we went to our favorite local ice cream shop and tried to forget the horror.

Ice cream to sooth our nerves

Tip: It’s not on the menu, but if you ask for a baby cone, it is .50 cents and tiny tiny. The ‘scoop’ is probably a large spoonful, and can be eaten by a small child before it melts. It’s also a cheap treat that feels special.

2 Responses to Little house update: dirty

  1. Courtney says:

    I have to say I’m very glad the money came to you and not me. I think I’ve literally SAID to Josh “how do you think it will work out? will free money just get mailed to us?”.

    I think THAT one might end our marriage, lol.

  2. FireMom says:

    Dude. I would have thrown something. And yelled. You’re more awesome than I am.

    Also, yay for a $0.50 baby cone!

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