Crafty Mc'Crafterson

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I know I just posted 20 minutes ago, and I should be putting on my shoes to go to school, but I need to show you what I just finished.
Crafty Mc'Crafterson

It’s a big sister shirt! I decided I wanted to make one yesterday and thought “Hey, I havn’t embroidered in 15 years, maybe I should do that!” And lo and behold, today it is done.

Close up

You can definately tell what color I started with (Black) and what color I ended with (Yellow) but eh. We plan to use it to tell Pam and Mike about the baby (“Oh, mom, did you see this shirt Ivory made Ella?”) and perfection is not my bag. Neither is being on time to class apparently. Must.Go.Now.

3 Responses to Crafty Mc'Crafterson

  1. alysn says:

    it’s highly likely that this shirt is the cutest thing i’ve ever seen.


  2. mandapants says:

    That shirt is so freakin cute, I almost just passed out with the cuteness of it all.

    Brilliant work!

  3. mamabub says:

    That is so adorable. Makes me want to have another one so I can ask you to make shirts like that for my boys! (that and the fact that I would love to have another one :)

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