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Oh my little bloggy blog. I come here, type up a sentence or two, save as a draft and walk away. It’s been.. one of those weeks. Or I guess I should say another of those weeks. You know the ones – where all of your thoughts seem rotten and miserable, everything you touch catches on fire, and you don’t really care. Eh, I’ll deal with the ashes later.

Kerflop wrote a post this week that makes me wonder if a haze is floating over Idaho and Washington this week, because yeah – that’s just about right. I also get to pull the Pregnancy card, but feel like it is a sham – This blahness? Is me. Every so often I get all mumbly and sure that if I try I will just fail, so why try? Thus, I am almost certainly failing one of my (required to graduate in a month) classes. We have a plan to replace the grade later, and just walk at graduation (but not get a diploma until later) but failing for lack of effort is not really who I see myself as, so it’s a blow to the gut.

Add to that wedding stress, toddler stress, money stress and I-fail-at-life stress, and you get me, zoning out on celebrity trash sites and eating contraband ice cream.

As soon as Ella is up from her nap I will take her to the park, chase some squirrels and see if some sunshine will help. I feel like a jerk for being so morose in the spring.

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  1. Ivory, it’s called life. Everyone gets like this; plus I’m sure the pregnancy isn’t helping. Once the whole wedding stress is over, I’m sure you’ll start feeling better. Jason and I lived together for a while before we were married.. we had already had Mal and I was pregnant with Josiah, but after the wedding was over I think we both just felt somewhat more settled. I hope you have the same peace.

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