Apparently there are only 7 quirky things about me.

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Okay, enough sappiness. I actually avoided commenting on a few new-to-me journals yesterday because I knew the first thing they would see if they clicked over was my love-letter-to-the-guy-who-makes-me-bacon and as true and lovely as it is, it’s not really my freshest face. Instead, how about a lazy list? Yay!

An undetermined number of things that you probably don’t know about me:

  1. All time favorite comfort food: Raw potatoes (peeled and sliced, with salt). Tom wrinkles his nose and says they taste like dirt, but.. um.. that’s kind of why I like them. Just thinking about them makes my mouth water (even though they are a contraband food, right up there with pie. See, pie=potatoes=yum.)
  2. Ella owes her existence to a lucky throw at a hockey game, which won Tom and I $500 and paid for a week at the coast. Where it rained.
  3. I worked at this summer camp the first few years of college, both because I had been telling people for almost 10 years that I was going to be a Speech-Language Pathologist when I grew up (and even chose my university for their program) but also because I needed the money to bum my way around the NW, living in a tent for the rest of the summer.
  4. I host a knitting club every other Sunday, though I rarely knit. Really I just like the girls, Ella likes their kids, I have the space (MIL’s shop) and occasionally I am inspired to pick up my needles (but not this week, I’ll be working on:)
  5. This quilt top I both started AND finished today!


     I picked up the fabrics on a whim a while ago, and thought the colors would work for either a boy or a girl (what do you think?) I am still wishy washy about whether it will be the baby blanket, but I think it will be a baby blanket. I am also debating adding some small embroidery before I pin and quilt it, but if I am going to do that, I have to do it tomorrow since I want to have it ready to quilt on Sunday. That will make the quilt turn around time less than a week (if I give myself a few days to do binding.) Whooo me! (Also note Ella’s camouflage tactics. I see you kid, and this blanket is reserved, so don’t try to steal it yet.)

  6. Ella is still nursing.


    I really thought she was done there for a while, only nursing once a day or so, but she is back with a vengeance, and I am (for the most part) okay with that. There are days where I do more distraction than others (What, you want ninny? Look over there, it’s Charlie Chaplin!*sneak out of room*) but I read up on tandem nursing when we found out that I was pregnant again, and I don’t see any reason to wean her right now. Obviously some people are squirked out by a 20month old nursing, but the truth is I’m not really interested in impressing those people. Live and let live and all that jazz.

  7. I am a pirate (who really wants to cut off all of her hair). Arrrrrr.


7 Responses to Apparently there are only 7 quirky things about me.

  1. Sarah says:

    I just cut off all of my hair and it felt so great! I don’t know why I kept my long hair for so long…

    And as for breastfeeding…I just left a comment on your flickr photo but I am in the same boat. Although I think I am getting ready to get my body back. We were down to morning and evenings but our trip back to the states brought it back on almost full time. Over the next few weeks I hope we can get back to once or twice a day and then maybe not at all…the distracting thing is working for us too right now.

    It is hard for me to imagine stopping but at the same time I want to see my breasts in a new way. And Tibo and I would like to go away for a weekend together…just the two of us.

  2. Jenna says:

    Re: raw potatoes: FUNNY STORY. My MIL, bless her, informed me that you could “get worms” by eating raw potatoes. I looked at her like she had two heads and asked if she was joking. She was serious. I asked her where she heard such nonsense. She said from her own Mom. I laughed so hard. Then I said, “K, you do realize that you eat raw carrots, right? And other under ground type veggies. Your Mom told you that to KEEP YOUR HANDS OUT OF THE POTATO POT.” She was kind of embarrassed. Josh and I joke about worms whenever I steal potatoes out of the pot when he’s cutting them to make mashed potatoes.

    I. love. raw. potatoes. LOVE.

  3. sara says:

    I found you through Jenna (cutie pot pie), but we were in the Nov05 babies group together as well! you had your baby is december (right?) and I had mine in October though. 😀

    You are PRECIOUS. I know that might sound… condesending… but I honestly don’t mean it that way. I love reading what you write. I think you’re as cute as an apple pie.

    I can’t wait to read about your adventures with a new baby! We had #2 in April (another boy) and this time I had a vaginal birth (last time I had an emergency c-section when they “accidentally” broke my waters – ugh). I don’t know why I am blabbering all of this just to say that I think I might have a little bit of a girl crush on you. Or something.

  4. pickamuffin says:

    people who are squicked out by toddlers breastfeeding weird me out so bad.

  5. Chance says:

    i always for get that eating raw potatoes is weird. yummmmm salty potatoes………..

    i love that blanket. i have scrapbooking pages that match it perfectly. :) and you know me, if i had it i would find something to embroider in every square. :p well, since we arent moving i guess i’d better go fabric shopping for baby#2’s blankie. i wish we knew if it was a boy… im getting boy vibes and i really want to make a 50’s inspired cowboy wall paper-esque blanket.

  6. Kelly says:

    I think that quilt is gorgeous, I like the colors and think it would work fine for a boy or girl.
    I have been itching to cut my hair and actually dreamed last night I let my neighbor cut it off, all of it! and I bleached it platnium blonde HAHA!

    I do have to agree with Tom though on the potato thing :oP

  7. Jen says:

    I like that you incorporated Ella into the quilt. She will likely keep the baby warm. 😛

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