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The Spokane Birth event will be held TODAY (Saturday, Sept. 22) at Spokane Falls community College from 1:00 to 5:00. The play will be held at 2pm, with a Birth Fair between 1 and 5.

Tickets are $5 ; kids are welcome and free!

Come! I will update later about it all, and you know, LIFE since I have been neglecting this little blog, but for now I am just chewing on my fingernails and wondering where my shoes are. Eap!

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  1. From LJ RSS Feed:

    2007-09-22 08:09 pm UTC
    Good luck! I wish I could be there.

    What exactly is a Birth Fair??

    2007-09-23 05:49 pm UTC
    It was about 20 vendors and local groups with tables, selling all kinds of great stuff (slings, diapers, dolls, etc), and connecting moms to local resources (there was a couple doula tables, the LLL, a miscarriage memorial, birth art, etc). There was also a kickass raffle, with almost $500 worth of stuff. I won prenatal yoga!

    2007-09-23 08:11 pm UTC
    that sounds like so much fun!

    I have to tell you this because I know you will understand my excitement. Obviously I am disappointed about having a hospital birth (stupid Illinois) _BUT_ I just got back from the tour of L&D and it is very, very, mommy-baby friendly! They have 2 IBCLC’s in the L&D unit (plus a couple assistants), every birth room has a birthing ball, a squating bar, AND I am allowed to move freely around including hanging out in the shower! They also have a massage theraphst who visits every momma the day after birth to offer a free post natal massage.

    And in bigger more beautiful news! although it won’t do me any good (pout) I am still excited *insert dramatic music here* ….
    They *just* passed a new law making free standing birth centers legal here in Illinois!!!! YAY!!! baby steps! :o)

    2007-09-23 08:27 pm UTC
    😀 I am super excited for you. I wish even one of the hospitals here in town attempted to cater to mothers. We talked about this at the play yesterday (there was an open forum afterwards) and we all agreed that it does not matter where you birth, as long as you feel respected, safe and celebrated – hospital, home, birthcenter, woods – whatever. I am so glad you found a place that you feel comfortable bringing your son into. :)

    Yay for more birth choices!

    2007-09-23 01:36 am UTC
    Dammit, i wish i would have read this earlier. My mom and i would have come…but now we can’t cause it’s 6:30.


    There is another showing on Friday the 28th from 11:30-1, same place. It will likely be less packed and more comfortable, so if you are off work by then, you should come. Jordyn is welcome of course. I thought about you yesterday morning and meant to call you, but it was an insane day. :( Hope you had a nice weekend with your mom.

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