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While some of us are celebrating the start of fall, not everyone is so inclined.


Ella and I have been in a great groove this summer, spending most of our day outside in the backyard or at the park. Then, as if on cue, this week has turned rainy and cold, and even when Ella begs to go outside, within a minute or two she is telling me “Brrrrrrrr” and tugging at the door. Yesterday is started sleeting on us at the park, and it was the first time in a while that she waved at the swings (“Bye bye wheeeee!”) and agreed to get into the car without a wrestling match. We came home and looked at each other <p?for a while, asking “Now what?” Books – read. Play kitchen – played with. Cars are all lined up, dolls are all put to bed, pirate ship has fired 29572 cannons, shoes have all been worn on hands, blocks have all been stacked. There is only so much Sprout TV that either of us can stand, and while my body is telling me to slow down, hers seems to be gearing up. The 8 hours or so a day that we are each others only entertainment has gotten a lot longer now that I can’t just open the door and let her play on the deck while I surf the internet – now she is (quite literally) under my feet, doing her best impression of Stewie. Mom, mom, mama, maaamaaaaa. Mom. Iwee. Mama. Mom. Mom? MOM! Mamaaaaaaa. Mom. Mommy. Hey. Hey. Hi! Moooooo. Moo. Mom. Mom, Mama, Mom. *cries* Daddy!

Yeah. So, I’m thinking that one of Ella’s birthday presents, instead of swim classes (okay, she will likely get those too, crap) will be a family membership to the children’s museum here in town, Mobius. Compared to the Children’s Museum in Portland, it is a bit of a joke, but if I start comparing Spokane to Portland, I will only get depressed, so enough of that. It has a fenced off area that I can not (easily) lose her in, and it is dry. Isn’t that enough?

I think I must have missed a year or two somewhere – how could she have grown that much?

Oh, and then there is this. I try not to check my “stats” very often since they make little sense to me, and on days when I get a huge boost (where do you all come from?!) I get self conscious, but I consistently get hits from someone other than my sister, so I know there are more of you out there. Delurk, say hello, inflate my ego a little. I’ll return the favor. 😉

The Great Mofo Delurk 2007

10 Responses to Why hello there…

  1. mamma knows says:

    Hi, it’s my first time passing through but I’ll come back to visit :)

  2. stefaniapomponibutler says:

    Now I know where to find you!

  3. HumanTypewriter says:

    I never go on my livejournal and type anything but I got started reading your journal there a while ago when I was looking for writers. I’m 23 and write children’s and YA books. I think you’ve got a very great voice and I’m always mystified by your craft projects because… well… I can’t do anything crafty. That’s it. Like your writing, your pictures, you seem happy, which is great. I’m happy, too. And stressed. But I think we all are.

  4. Sarah says:

    I’m not delurking…but I’ll say hello. Swim lessons! I should do that with Felix….good idea!

    Felix likes to say “bye bye” to things to. It definitely helps the leaving process…. :)

  5. Jenna says:

    Not a lurker. Duh. But sleet? Can I come over? Please?

  6. Kristina says:

    Delurking….hi! :) I ran into your blog when I was doing searches on Gestational Diabetes on MDC (your sample meal sheet was extremely helpful, btw).

    I think we had something else in common too…oh yes! I grew up in Ponca City, OK. My first little one is due in early November.

  7. another mom says:

    i’ll bite…i saw your livejournal back when i was pregnant and always looked up to you in my own observant way. you’re an amazing writer and a fantastic mom. i enjoy reading snippets of your life. and i mean that in the most non-stalker-ish way possible!

  8. karen headley says:


    Cindy gave me your livejournal link when you were expecting Ella, so I could watch along with her as you ventured into mommyhood. She loves you like her own and always tells me how your doing. I continued to read your blog even after baby. I never said anything because I didnt want you to feel self conscience about having an “older” woman, mom type reading about your day to day life. But, I would have to say, having been through the whole child rearing thing myself that your doing an excellent job and you are quite the writer as well. Cindy and I are both so proud of you. Never doubt yourself because clearly your instincts are right on the mark. Always, Karen (ya know, Aaron and Heathers mom)

  9. sara says:

    i delurked a few times, but will again. from LJ November babies group. I love reading about your sweet lil family and seeing your crafties. Also, left you a random comment on flickr about your ikea cones… i’m obsessed with them now.

  10. Ami says:

    Hello. My name is Ami & I’m delurking in one of the weirdest ways possible—4 1/2 years in the future! I found your profile/blog on the MDC forum, and I have been reading from the very beginning because I enjoyed the most recent posts I saw & figured I’d enjoy the “prequels” too. I have gathered that we’re about the same age–I’m turning 30 next month (Oh, Lord, is that still hard to wrap my brain around!) but I am still in the prospective parent stage. I’ve had mama friends for nearly a decade now, so I feel like I’ve been studying and am almost ready to graduate. I think your writing is superb and it’s been swell time-traveling through your blog.

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