Too sick to be witty.

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Didn’t I just get over a horrible stomach virus like a week ago? Well, we are back for round two, and thankfully it seems like (so far) I am the only one in the house dieing. Not that taking care of a healthy and rambunctious toddler is great fun when you can’t go 15 minutes without tasting bile, but at least it was Tom’s day off. Tomorrow he goes back to being a productive member of society, while I try and keep my eyes open long enough to keep Ella out of the toilet.

The last of the boxes

Somehow, while also watching Ella and catering to my needs for popsicles and applesauce, Tom managed to unpack the last of our boxes. We’ve been here a year and still had this much stuff sitting in storage downstairs.  I wish I could say that this is really the last of it, but the rest is just shoved into piles and onto shelves, not packed but not sorted. But hey – now we have enough boxes to make a quarantine shack for me in the back yard! Awesome!

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  1. Kayla says:

    Hey… you didn’t throw away those boxes yet, did you??? heh… I could sure use some boxes in this move…

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