I don't even want to think about how much money I've spent on things I've never finished.

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Something that drives Tom crazy, but that I just can not change about myself, is that I always always have 742 coals in the fire. If I do not have that many things to distract myself with, I tend to brood, or consider learning another language. Which, I suppose, would be more productive than most of the projects I have going, but not nearly as much fun. Here is a partial list of things I am currently working on:

Diaper making supplies

Diaper making.

Pink quilt

Finish the pink quilt,

Purple quilt

And the purple quilt.

Green quilt

And the green/red quilt. Crap.

It keeps going behind the cut. I…  have no words to justify this.

Found fabric quilt blocks

Decide whether I even want to bother finishing this..

Left over random cuts of fabric form a kid's quilting class

Use these leftover (already cut out) fabrics from the kid’s quilting class.

Sister's quilt

Finish my sister’s quilt, which I promised to have done last year. Or maybe the year before.

Fabric to be sorted/stashed

Sort out and stash these tubs of fabric

3 more huge boxes of patterns.

Sort through these three huge boxes of patterns and decide what to keep and then put them away.

Knit leg warmers

Knit the second in this pair of leg warmers for Ella.

Baby quilt the 6th?

Decide what quilt pattern to use these fabrics on, and then cut them out. And sew them. And then.. and then…
Little green quilt

I made this quilt top 5 years ago, and just recently found it. It really only needs to be prepped and quilted, but it is in a pile with:

Quilt top 90% of the way done

This queen sized quilt, which IS prepped, and still sitting in my craft room, AND

Batik quilt

This batik baby quilt AND

Brown/blue baby quilt

This brown/blue baby quilt.


A felt playset, with these felt “paper dolls”. Their little photoshopped heads crack me up.

Mix and match

Oh these are fun – it’s for the felt playset, and is a mix&match game. I need to color these in, cut them out and fuse them to felt. Maybe I will do these tonight..

Baby shoes

Finish these baby shoes. They just need ribbon to keep them on. They should be done.

Gnome hat

Finish this gnome baby hat. It also just needs a tie. Gah.

Birdie mobils

Birdie baby mobiles.

Scrappy quilt based on these birds

Birdie baby quilt

wool perfection pants

Tiny baby wool perfection pants

Choose your own adventure quilt for Ella

A choose your own adventure quilt for Ella

Little hat

This tiny hat, which is so close to being done that I may try and finish it tonight..

Oh god. This is nowhere near all of it. Where are the clothes? The beads? The embroidery, dolls and paper crafts? This was a casual walk around my house and craft room, the things that I nearly tripped over, not the things that are hiding in boxes and drawers and ….
I need to go lie down. And knit.

But ya’ll i really do finish things sometimes. Look! This banner? Done!

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  1. kelly says:

    ok you are far worse than I at starting projects and not finishing, haha…. I have like 3 things.
    But I do have teach your self, spanish, german, latin and arabic all on CDs. hahaha!

  2. Sarah says:

    I love the banner. Take pride in what you finish and then say what I say: I like the process more than the finished product. :) We are so alike…with our love and motivation at the beginning of a project. My new plan: give stuff away. I am just giving yarn away to people even if I love it. I’ve got to get the stash and WIP’s under control!

  3. chance says:

    lol. i wondered if my blanket would end up in this post. ;p

  4. chance says:

    oh, and the bird quilt wins.

  5. Tipper says:

    The birdie quilt is awesome. I hope you finish that soon so I can drool on it (virtually, not literally – that is for the baby to do).

  6. douxpluie
    2007-11-04 05:26 am UTC (link) Track This
    Ummm…yeah…remember that one time when it was a good and bad thing that your mother in law was the quilting bee? Yeah i’m pretty sure you may have surpassed her in this title. Better get it done lady or teach Ella how sweat shops work. Heheh. Jk.

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