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Indulge me while I brag for a minute:


I finished the tiny hat from yesterday’s post, and Ella loves it. Technically I still need to weave in the ends, but Ella has not taken it off since I tried it on her this morning, so the weaving can wait. I tweaked a pattern I found online, and like how it came out, though I really need to learn to make icords. I’m thinking Cricket needs a matching hat.


I’m about a third of the way through coloring these mix&match people, and finished the felt plaything for them to stick to. This will make more sense once I can do a real writeup.


These fabrics are slowly becoming quilt blocks, which will be another baby quilt. Once I get this top finished, I am determined to take them all to the shop and quilt them in a day. I need to stop hoarding half finished quilts.


And – my kid freaking drew a picture of me! It’s easier to explain with notes on Flickr, but that big circle in the middle, with tiny legs, a squiggle in my belly, a crooked neck and a lumpy head? It’s me! You can see our usual family portrait down in the corner, which we draw (no joking) at least 25 times a day, and in an effort to hold Ella off for two minutes while I did something important (like check my email. Again.) I asked if she could draw mommy. And then? She did! Insane.


I got a haircut. I know, it’s nothing amazing, but it is five inches shorter, and on days when I put some effort into it, it actually looks like I put some effort into my appearance, which isn’t something I can say every day. Thank god for friends who cut hair.

Pregnancy update later, if this kid will stop making my eyes water. Hot damn.

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  1. Sarah says:

    Yay! Yay for finishing. I love the little hat and the felt board characters are going to be so fun. Great idea.

    Hair looks like it will be perfect for the next couple of months when you want to feel good but have no time ! A really nice cut. :)

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