It's easy to smile, even when I am tired.

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Does this even count as a post? Ella playing piano like a loon. I am so sick of using the video option on my digital camera, and have been stalking my local craigslist for a decent priced video camera, but can’t decide whether this is a badbad idea, or just a bad idea. Maybe a local pawn shop would be a better bet (Sign #1 that you live in a classy area? Pawn shop franchises. There is something about a well-lit pawn shop that is creepier than the bars-on-the-windows type.)

Baby update: I had the best labor dream last night – usually when I dream about having Cricket I start labor, and then, like magic, I am holding her. Last night it was more drawn out and realistic, with filling up the birth pool, laboring in it, walking, pushing, and then holding a tiny girl with dark hair whose name was Sage. It’s nice to know that my subconscious is ready to process labor without fear and anxiety. It was all just very calm and straightforward, which is exactly what I hope for with this birth.

Tomorrow I will post something worthwhile, but for now, enjoy this link to a list of fat cats. For real.

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  1. Jenna says:

    Research Flip Video Ultra. (150ish.) I’ll be reviewing ours this week.

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