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Proof that my husband loves me:

Hot tub here I come!

He cleaned out the hot tub. Okay, maybe it’s not the most romantic thing you can think of, but ya’ll, it was snowing this morning when he drained the water, and he spent literally hours out there, wet and soapy, scrubbing out the cracks with a toothbrush, rinsing and repeating until he was sure it was clean. All because last night I sighed, looked outside, and said “I wish I could just labor in there.” And voil√†! – 24 hours later, I can. We are still going to set up the labor pool inside, and who knows where this kid will actually be born (Ella was born in bed, despite having pushed in water forever) , but just knowing that when that first contraction hits that I can go out and just relax is so wonderful. Water, for me, is comfort. Given the choice between a massage and a bath, I will pick a bath almost every time. Hell, I would even pick a bath over chocolate if pushed (don’t push!) When I am not pregnant I probably average two baths a week, but during pregnancy it’s not uncommon for me to take two baths a day. I just crave the warmth, the quiet, the feeling of weightlessness. I can not imagine laboring without water, and in fact, the only times I felt overwhelmed during Ella’s birth – like the pain was winning, and that I had made a bad bad decision by choosing to push a child out of my vagina (what IS it that convinces us that this is a great idea, BTW?)¬† – was when I was not in the water. Of course, like all birth choices, I know it is not for everyone, but it IS for me. Ohhhhh is it for me.

Crap, I have 10 minutes to get this in for NaBloPoMO, so that is all I have to say about using water for labor today. We also had a midwife appt this morning where she gave me the final preparations list (it’s short enough to be handwritten on a notecard, vs some of the lists online), and we just talked for a few hours. LOVE my midwife. Yoga was also today, and I am officially the pregnant-est, which is to say: the hugest. LOVE my pregnancy yoga class, and wonder if they will let me come back even when I am not pregnant. All kinds of positive pregnancy vibes over here, which helps balance out the antsy energy I have – I feel like all the work I’ve done (mostly emotionally and mentally) to be ready for this birth is finally paying off, and I am just waiting on the physical body to catch up. It’s nice to feel good about still being pregnant, vs feeling like I should be done already. Tomorrow I will probably be back to feeling like I am losing at the lottery, but today I am just rubbing my belly, playing in my hot tub, and loving that my husband loves me more than the tips of his fingers. Who needs the pinkie anyway?

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