And now for something completely different.

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After a morning spent reading, knitting, and listening to the radio, we took Tom to get his hair cut, which is conveniently located in the same building as a local ice cream shop. So of course we went along to give him moral support.


My friend Leetah cuts Tom’s hair, and the last few times we’ve seen her at Knit Club, she has played with Ella’s hair, and ribbed me about how it’s finally grown enough to cut it. It has been getting in Ella’s eyes, but come on – it took her two years to grow this much hair, I can’t cut any of it off can I?

I sure can’t, but that is where having friends who cut hair comes in handy.

First hair cut

Ella did great, and I think I was more worried about it than she was.  I’m sure it helped that she knows Leetah and that Leetah gave her a toy, but I like think it’s because Ella is brave. Well, as long as her daddy holds her.

Now we are just being lazy, hanging out in bed, reading and trying to decide what to have for dinner. Pizza you say? Excellent idea.

Ella eating Alice's hand

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  1. Mamabub says:

    That sweater is really cute!

    Mmmmm—ice cream.


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