Don't come over, we have the plague.

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My high temp today? 103.2. Yuck. My brain is melting out of my ears as we speak. Ella has been spiking every time her dose of tylenol wears off, but even when she is drugged up, she is still running a temp. Tom is not feverish, but can’t stop coughing. We are a sexy lot, let me tell ya. Alice only runs a temp is she is laying on me, so she is hanging out in the swing, which thankfully she doesn’t mind too much.

I finally caught up on uploading my Project365 photos, so head over here if you are interested. All that linking is beyond me today.

Oh, okay, I’ll post today’s.
Family photo 1.21.08

Our first self portrait family photo, featuring my 3 chins, the back of Ella’s head, and Tom’s nose hair. At least Alice(‘s head, as her body disappears into the shadows) looks cute.

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