Hey hey pretty baby

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Alice had a well-baby visit today, and she is now 11lbs 8oz, which is less than I thought, but still an average of 7.4 oz a week (thank you kellymom calculator!) She is also almost 25 inches long now, which in total makes her HUGE. I keep trying to convince her to just stay little, but she scoffs in my general direction and then laughs at the cat. Laughs! I blinked and newborn Alice is gone. If only I had taken 700 pictures in the first 9 weeks of her life. Oh wait.

And then at about 7 tonight, Ella suddenly stopped playing, turned to her dad and asked for a hug. Of course he leaned down to give her one, and ended up wearing everything Ella had eaten today. Oh dear. She is not running a fever, but can’t keep anything down, and is just generally miserable. She came with us to the Dr.’s office today (and to the grocery store AND a kid’s clothes store, and did AWESOME) so I wonder if she licked a toy in the waiting room and caught yet another bug. This is me shaking my fist at the sky and asking WHYYYY we have been so sick this year, and also PLEASSSEEEE don’t let the rest of us get it.

It’s 1am, and I am going to go lay some towels down on her bed, and try and get some sleep with her. Happy Valentines, I got you a puke bowl.

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  1. Sarah says:

    Aww. I hope Ella feels better soon and that the rest of you manage to avoid it. You’re really good at going with the flow though so don’t worry.

    I can’t wait to have another baby and go through the first few baby months again. It is amazing how fast they change. Alice is gorgeous with her chubby cheeks. :)

  2. June says:

    Oh that totally sucks. We all had the pukey-bug too. :(
    Hope she feels better soon and doesn’t pass it on!

  3. Mamabub says:

    Babybub was puking at 4 a.m. today too. He has been running a fever though. Very strange. :(

    Hope Ella feels better soon.

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