Naptime much?

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So I had an entire post written about how much we love our local children’s museum (Because we do! We do!) and along came Ella who, after begging to sit in my lap, leaned over and delicately (and deliberately) poked the reset button on my computer tower. She cackled, jumped down, and hid in her room.

It’s a good thing she is going to make me rich with her amazing singing voice. What, moms always make great show business managers right?

[vimeo 734898]

Side note: Anyone local up for an every-other month pARTy? Maybe I’ll propose it to our little playgroup. Or maybe THIS is how I am going to make my millions (MWAHAHAHAHA)! (ha.)

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  1. magdalene156
    OMG! I LoL’d
    Aislinn has started singing at the top of her lungs just the other day. you just do NOT want to know how many times I had to listen to Jingle Bells tonight but sang with “la, la’s” instead of actual words. She also sings jingle bells using only the word “mommy” and thinks it is HILARIOUS! haha

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