Easter Miracles

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You’d probably think I was joking of I told you I have $50 worth of these stashed away in a secret place in my house, huh?

Dude, they have to last me all year. If I told Tom where they are (or, you know, shared) I may run the risk of running out, and then what would I pop in my mouth right before I took a sip of hot black coffee?

(The link above is to one of my favorite blogs, even though I rarely eat candy anymore, because of my wussy teeth. (Eggs don’t count, they are eggs. Eggs = Healthy.) Click over and waste your kid’s naptime like I do every day.

8 Responses to Easter Miracles

  1. Théa says:

    Oh my word. I love those. I once at an enormous bag of them unassisted (though it required multiple sittings, it did not require many).


  2. Amber says:

    I second the mini egg love, already bought me a bag. Fortunately for me, nobody else likes them :-)

  3. sara says:

    they have them at christmas now, toooooo!

    (i used to buy every bag at clearance and do the same thing – but od’ed and i’m over them now and onto nerd jelly beans) 😉

  4. Lesley Cox says:

    The Candy Blog!!! I think I just found my next favorite blog–thanks! And the pARTies sound really cool!

  5. magdalene156
    thats funny you pop those in your mouth before you sip your coffee I do the same thing with those little Dove chocolates. Mmmmm melty chocolate and coffee. Sometimes I drop a chocolate in my coffee, too – hahaha

  6. FireMom says:

    Now am very hungry. Ohnoes.

  7. Sara says:

    I love those! Now I have to get a bag (or three). Hope you’re able to keep them under wraps.

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