Top Chef is back, and making me feel inferior.

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It’s rather telling about my cooking skills that tonight I looked at the dinner I had made Ella and I, and realized “Wow, this is just glorified Ramen noodles.” Sure, the pasta is whole wheat, the broccoli and butter are organic, the egg is free range and the parmesan cheese is actual cheese, but really, this is the exact meal I ate every other night in college. On the other nights? Cheese sandwiches. (I’ll give you one guess what we have for lunch most days.)

2 Responses to Top Chef is back, and making me feel inferior.

  1. Sarah says:

    Ha! Felix had exactly (I mean EXACTLY) the same thing last night. I’m a pretty lame cook…I’m lost without a cookbook but I enjoy cooking! Last night, I just needed something easy. I hope as the kids get older we’ll find ways to expand our repertoire!

  2. Amber says:

    Sounds pretty tasty to me.

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