True story

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I overthink everything.

Arg, gardening!

Gardening is proving to be the opposite of relaxing and blood pressure reducing, and we haven’t even gotten anything in the ground yet. Remind me that it’s okay if this year is a big fail because I don’t understand crop rotation and succession planting yet, okay? It does’t have to be perfect, it doesn’t have to be perfect, it doesn’t have to be perfect. I need to stop trying to plan and just do it already, especially since we have 5 cubic yards of dirt sitting in my neighbor’s driveway.

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  1. FireMom says:

    Relax, my dear. Just let things grow this year. Stress more next year. But not a bunch more. :)

  2. Sarah says:

    I just plant everything all at once and eventually they grow. Ok, most of them grow. And some sooner than others. But they will be fine – just stick them in there :).

  3. Meghan says:

    You are lucky you waited I just spent another 50 dollars on new tomatos and squash since the frost got the first ones and then the %^&*(&*^)* deer were in the yard… okay… what was that about blood pressure? I will have lots to share :)

  4. Tipper says:

    So, I was going to leave this really insightful comment that went, “Stick things in the ground and let them go,” but people already beat me to that. But, really, just stick ’em in there and let ’em grow. Water is the most important thing (not too much, not too little). Anything else you can do is an added bonus, but don’t sweat things like crop rotation, because at this point you’re not feeding your family for a year on your output!

    Congratulations on your garden baby 😀

  5. jen says:

    talk to the plants. they will grow!

  6. Rachel says:

    Where did you get your soil from?
    I need to cover up my lawn so I can start my dang garden, but I think I’ll need some dirt so I can actually plant this year (want to partially lasagna garden it).

    And where did you get your chickens from?
    I’ve wanted to get a couple for years, but only maybe now have the money to get started.

    As for the gardening, I agree with everyone else, just plant ’em and learn as you go!
    I’m sure you’ve read all about the when-to-plant things, so next when you have to deal with a pest, or how to prune or harvest, you can just read up about them when you get to that point.
    I have not done as much reading as I would have liked (as in, very little at all), and I’ve been successful with a number of garden plants.
    Crop rotation… you shouldn’t really have to worry about that until next year. (Unfortunately, that’s holding me back this year because the only area of my garden that is maybe workable without piling dirt on the lawn that took over, is the area that had tomatoes in it last year, so I can’t put tomatoes in this year… which, at this point in time, is the only plant I currently have.)
    Good to know I’m not the only one who hasn’t planted yet! Sometimes it feels like everyone started last month….

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