Days off are the only time I get anything done.

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I celebrated Tom’s first day off in two weeks by throwing the kids at him and hiding in the basement. He’s working all day on Sunday, so let’s call it an early Mother’s Day present, aye?

And because I got almost an hour and a half without anyone grabbing for the hot iron, I made a dress.


When Ella was little, a snarky person told me “You can always tell when someone makes their kid’s clothes, because they use… different fabrics.” Ella was wearing this little smock dress, which I still love and made Alice wear the other day. The woman was a grandmotherly sort who always came into the quilt shop I worked at, so at first I hadn’t realized it was a dig, so I smiled and said “Thanks!” while handing her her change. She looked at Ella playing on the floor behind the counter and leaned in close, “You won’t make her wear things like that to school, will you?”

Why yes I will apparently.


I found both fabrics in the remnant bin at Joannes the other day, which made me happy. I have.. way to much fabric to be buying more, but if it is on sale, it’s not really buying it right? Wait.. yes it is. But I used the fabric right away, so it did not go into the basement abyss, so I’m telling myself it doesn’t count.

The dress is just the simplest of simple A-line dresses, but I added pockets at the last minute because I can always get Ella to wear something if I say “But it has pockets!” And lo and behold, when she took it off today, we found a bottle cap, a handful of rocks, a M&M mini candy, an empty Monkey pill bottle (it has been empty for a while), 2 dimes, and a bracelet. Pockets: just what a hoarder needs. I still need to do top stitching around the top, and hem the bottom, but all in all, mission successful.

And since I was on a roll and the girls were not screaming, we rearranged the basement play area into a little bedroom for my nephews. My sister and her boys are coming in about a month, and we are setting them up with their own area down stairs, so that they never leave they feel comfortable. There is also a bedroom downstairs that my sister will use, but it will be nice for the boys to have an area to hang out in the morning before the house is awake/after Ella goes to bed upstairs.


The shade is there because the lights are all on one switch, and I figure Ella may be taking naps down there on odd days until the boys get here, and I want to be able to keep her asleep without having to work in the dark. Plus, it feels like a tent, and what kid doesn’t love a tent?

Tomorrow will not be as productive. In fact, since Tom’s new shift starts at 4am every morning, I may never be productive again.

4 Responses to Days off are the only time I get anything done.

  1. sara says:

    what are those black cone thingies that Ella is standing by? SO FASCINATED.

  2. chance says:

    lol, brandon keeps teasing me that i had better pack a big bag since Im going to stay. He’s sure you would love a live in nanny. :p

    YAYAYAYAYAY! going to see my seester!! and her little girls!

  3. Denice says:

    I laughed so hard when I read “but it has pockets” because I say that to Sam almost daily. He’ll only wear clothes with hoods or pockets now.

  4. Laural says:

    I LOVE the dress you just made for Ella! I can make a mean curtain or duvet (elementary), but seeing that dress makes me want to learn how to sew clothes. And if Ella is dressed like that at school, she is going to rock the fashion world for sure.

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