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Sorry it’s been so dull around here. I’m feeling rather uninspired and listless lately, and it’s certainly spreading to the blog. How can I be charming and witty if I the only things I have to report on are the failed attempts at recreating this dress (which took me a half hour, and now I have no idea how…) and the fact that I am permanently tired?

So, tidbits:

My friend Tiffany and I were discussing how we would survive the coming Super-Flu the other day (oh, having friends who work in health care makes me paranoid, how about you?) and  I admitted that I have no idea how much food we would need to survive a month in the basement. It turns out the answer is 25lbs of grains and 5lbs of beans should do it, per person. Thank you Mormons for figuring that one out for me. Now if I can just figure out where Cadbury Mini-eggs works into that plan, because that is the only thing I have stockpiled

My new favorite browsing blog. It’s garage sale season around here, and I am doing my damndest not to spend my entire weekend driving around, looking for fantastic junk. This blog both sedates that impulse, and encourages it.

Do you know Marta? Go poke her and let her know that we want the Gnooze back (the g is silent) and that her new floors are lovely.

Annnd that’s all I’ve got. To bed to bed, to rise again.

3 Responses to Autopilot

  1. Mamasphere says:

    I could barely tear myself away from Swapatorium to write this comment! So much fun to find new sites like that. Thanks!

  2. Jodie says:

    Our basement is actually someone else’s apartment…so a months worth of food would the least of our concerns :)

  3. hee hee–as a Mormon myself I grew up in a home where big barrels of stored wheat were hidden under beds and behind couches, fashioned into lamp tables…

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