To do: Stop adding things to the "To Do" list.

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Don’t lie, you wish you were eating at my house tonight. Bacon wrapped pork chops, collard greens and herb cheese rolls, with ice cream from Coldstone for dessert. Oh yes. This makes up for last night when I put off dinner until it was 2 hours late, and then let Tom make instant rice and ‘spicy chicken’.

I’ve spent the last two days making packing lists, schlepping laundry to my inlaws (what a time for the washer to fail, huh?), making my case for a hotel room vs camping (the sheer amount of luggage needed to get our gear to MT via train is reason enough), and reminding Ella every 3 minutes that “No, tomorrow is train day, today is just Thursday.” We leave tomorrow at 1am, so that gives me about 24 hours from right now to get 3296526 things accomplished, most of which are piddly things like find the AAA card and make sure it’s in my wallet, go to Blockbuster and rent 45 Dora videos for the borrowed DVD player (Hey, I am against them for day to day driving, but we are talking about 13 hours on the way home. Please don’t hate on me for trying to save my sanity) and figuring out what kind of snacks my toddler and picky husband will eat on the train. Tom suggested “Pudding!” while Ella said “Applesauce.. wait… pudding!” I’m thinking carrot sticks and string cheese. I’m such a killjoy.

Hey mom, is it train time yet? Is it is it?

3 Responses to To do: Stop adding things to the "To Do" list.

  1. FireMom says:

    Ah, your subject made me LOL. I thought this to myself last night.


  2. Mamasphere says:

    That sounds delicious! I sprained my ankle and can’t walk, so dinner tonight will be whatever my husband can pull out of the fridge and put together. Should be interesting!

    Hope you had a good train ride! I think DVD players in cars in normal situations are ridiculous, but when we drive six hours to Phoenix, you bet we have one.

  3. michelle y says:

    Oh my gosh, good luck. You are a brave woman.
    And go Dora. And Wonder Pets. And Thomas. And too many other things that Danny knows about and probably shouldn’t. Sanity is important :)

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