Year of Pleasures #24

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Becky’s thumb

thumb sucker

I know in a couple years I am going to be cursing this day, when I am celebrating the fact that Becky loves to suck her thumb, but ya’ll – she puts herself to sleep. None of my girls have taken a pacifier (with Ella I never offered, but with Alice and Becky I tried every size and shape of pacifier on the market, in hopes of finding one that would buy me just enough time to take a shower), so having a baby that can soothe herself is kind of amazing.

thumb sucker

Often I will be trying to take care of something else – helping Alice use the potty, finding a lost piece of Ella’s princess jewelry, washing a spoon so I can eat Nutella out of the jar – and Becky will start rooting around for her hand, chasing it open mouthed, chewing on her fist, grunting as she tries to pry out that darn thumb, and finally hooking her pointer finger around her nose, and falling asleep.

I know we’ll probably face future battles to get her to stop, possible braces, and peer ridicule, but when I am as frazzled as I am lately, this feels like a small gift. A baby that will soothe herself is a world away from the constant nursing, bouncing, walking I did with the other girls.

thumb sucker

The only downside so far is that her thumb doesn’t always want to stay in her mouth, but Becky’s got that covered as well.

6 Responses to Year of Pleasures #24

  1. chance says:

    :) awwww.

    did you look at alice’s blanket top on my fb? i cant wait to start thinking about Becky’s! lol, even if she is 3 before i get it to did you look at alice’s blanket top on my fb? i cant wait to start thinking about Becky’s! lol, even if she is 3 before i get it to her.

  2. chance says:

    what!!! why did it repeat like that?!?

  3. Meghan says:

    The cuteness factor on those pics is over a zillion… so happy for a few peacful moments, you deserve them :)

  4. Deb says:

    So, so sweet!

  5. Tipper says:

    So very cute!!

    Don’t worry too much about potential future struggles re: thumb sucking. Ike was obsessed with sucking his fingers and self-soothed that way, but now at 11 months old he hardly does it. I miss the adorableness but am glad I’m not going to have to battle him over it.

  6. Nisha says:

    Ahh, too cute! If it makes you feel any better, my mother also keeps going on and on about Haley’s thumb-sucking. I’m personally thrilled about the fact that she can soothe herself when she wants to.

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