Year of pleasures #25

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Alice. Just… Alice.

Alice is full of it.

There are not words to express how much I love this kid.

Also, a unnecessarily long “interview” with her, which I expect no one to watch, but I’m sure I will cherish. She had gotten in trouble for not swallowing her food at dinner (she will chew and chew and keep putting food in her mouth, but not swallow, until she has a huge lump of masticated food in her mouth which she inevitably tries to talk around and ends up choking… Oh Alice) so she and I had to go to her room and talk about why she was in trouble. Once she calmed down about not getting to go outside and water the garden with daddy, she asked if we could play with the video camera.

Alice, 2.5 from Ivy mae on Vimeo.

Oh Alice.

3 Responses to Year of pleasures #25

  1. chance says:

    there is just something magic about second kids.there is just something magic about second kids.

  2. chance says:

    what on earth?! it did it again!!

  3. FireMom says:

    BB does that, too. With the food. He does it because of his texture issues. ANd it drives me mad.

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