Backyard homestead update: Julyish

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Can you believe that six weeks ago we started this:
2010 garden

And now we have this?

Well, at least the chickens are impressed.
bock bock
“We really thought you’d kill it all Ivory! Thanks for those radish leaves, BOCK BOCK.”

More pictures of the current state of the garden are here. We’re up to our necks in lettuce and radish, and are getting the first buds on the tomatoes, peppers and eggplants. We’ve pulled out and replanted quite a few areas, and are still waiting to see if our shade cover on the brassica box is going to work (they are really more spring/fall plants, so we’re trying to trick them into at least giving a bit of a harvest before they go to seed). We also having something eating the cabbage and¬†broccoli¬†in that box, so we have out slug, earwig and whitefly traps, to no avail. We’re experimenting with corn in pots on the garage wall, and haven’t weeded the watermelon bed in weeks. Oh, and potatoes in a garbage can seems to be working out well. I spend maybe 20 minutes a day watering and weeding, often with a baby on my back.

Babyhawk back carry

I’m wishing we had built more beds.

2 Responses to Backyard homestead update: Julyish

  1. Paul says:

    I am surprised you did not go back to your Okie roots and till up half of the backyard and grow a garden instead of the raised beds.

  2. FireMom says:

    It’s amazing! And wonderful!

    And that last picture? AHHHHH.

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