$2 says they pull them down within a week.

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We’re gearing up for a yard sale this weekend, so I’ve been going through boxes in the garage, and am stunned at how much stuff we own.  Again. In my defense, it is not new stuff, just old stuff I was too lazy/overwhelmed to deal with during the move. Today I’ve been attacking the boxes of toys. Between my weakness for good deals on quality toys, and being blessed with many people who love the girls and buy them things, it has become outrageous. I’m determined to cull these down, so I had Tom take the armoire full of TOYS out of the girls’ room, and put it downstairs where the girls can not get into it freely (toys in their room  = overstimulation and a constant mess). I’m only keeping what can I can organize in it, which is probably 1/5 of what we own. We will rotate toys from the armoire,  and practice a “one in, one out” policy on new toys. Choosing to have a small house comes with challenges, and not having  a dedicated playroom is one of them.

The armoire was a huge piece of furniture in their tiny room (10×11), so once it was out the room opened up dramatically. I don’t want to put much effort into decorating this room, since we hope to have their bedrooms finished downstairs soon (construction update eventually) but I couldn’t leave it completely bare.

And rainbow buntings make everyone happier, right?

Buntings in the girls' room

Buntings in the girls' roomBuntings in the girls' roomBuntings in the girls' room

I used 7 cheap fat-quarters that I bought in a bundle at Joann’s last year, the end of a skein of yarn, and an hour of the girls’ naptime, with hanging being by far the hardest part (stupid plaster walls). These aren’t Etsy quality (aka the sides are not finished, and the cutting/stitching was done with an infant on my lap) so they probably wouldn’t last through one wash, but I don’t see them getting that dirty. Ella helped with the cutting and stinging, and is thrilled to show Tom when he gets home.

So, $5 and an hour later, the girls live in a circus tent/used car dealership. Bonus that I was able to avoid going through boxes for a little longer.

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  1. FireMom says:

    OMG. I wish you lived near me. Sigh.

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