It hurts too much to change a diaper, yet I still find a way to write in my blog…

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I think I have arthritis in my hands, and I’m really quite pissed about it, since the joints where my thumbs meet my hands are so swollen that I can not: press the space bar without wincing, pick up the girls without fearing I will drop them, knit, OR pick up my coffee cup. In other words, all my favorite things. Come on hands, you are only 25! Get with the program! (Also currently swollen: the top joint of my right pointer finger, the pad of my hand near my writs on my left hand, and the pad at the base of my left pointer finger. Oh, and my right pinkie finger is stiff (will be swollen tomorrow).)

I actually do not know arthritis is the problem, but I’ve been ignoring the joint swelling for months (years?) and would have likely kept blaming it on random allergies if my friend Meghan hadn’t pointed out to me one day that it could be arthritis, and a light bulb went off, and I remembered that Oh! My grandmother was in a wheelchair for the last 20 years of her life because of arthritis. Suck. We are expecting our new insurance cards in the mail any day now, so I do not want to use our old insurance and then go through the hassle of transferring care (our current PCP is not covered under new insurance) so I’m just waiting, popping Advil, and carrying around an ice pack because hot damn, this hurts, and itches (from the swelling).

Know what will be FUN when I can barely hold a fork to eat? Holding onto a steering wheel for 12 hours this weekend. Weeeee!

4 Responses to It hurts too much to change a diaper, yet I still find a way to write in my blog…

  1. Rachel says:

    My husband has had arthritis in several locations since he was 17. It must suck so bad. :-(

    You should get a strap so you can tie one of your wrists to the steering wheel. 😉

    Ok, so that wouldn’t work too well for turning corners…..

  2. Dawn says:

    Try arnica or TriFlora ointment. I have terrible tendinitis in one wrist and TriFlora is the only thing that helps me be able to lift Liam when I’m having flareups.

  3. Becky says:

    Oh my gosh, that just sounds awful!! I have to sit at a computer all day, so I can’t even imagine trying to type while in that pain!

  4. Tipper says:

    I’ve heard that women with babies get a certain type of hand/wrist problem that sounds just like what you’ve described. I can’t remember what it is, but I do remember that it’s usually not permanent!

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