Year of Pleasures #34

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Painting pottery with my girls, even though it gave me 45 new gray hairs.

I LOVE these

The girls and I had to vacate the house today, since Tom and Mike were cutting concrete for the downstairs bathroom (YES! YES! Happy dance, YES!) and we knew the dust was going to make Ella and I wheeze. It was raining, no one was answering their phones, and I knew I had 5+ hours to kill, so the children’s museum alone was not going to cut it.

Pottery painting

This is actually the third time we’ve attempted the pottery adventure. The first was with Alice in the sling, when I made the birthday plates. The second was not blogworthy, because it was failfailfail. Ella threw a fit, Alice cried the entire time, and I left feeling like “that mom”. I never went back for the fish figurines Ella painted, because I was so embarrassed by the entire outing. (Sorry Ella.) So, it was with teeth gritted that I threatened the girls with naps before we went into the studio today. And oh, the horror of having to take a nap like a baby. They both agreed to sit in their chairs and listen to the rules, and I only had to remind them of this agreement 2523653 times while we were there, which is about 15 times less than I expected.

But these cups? They are worth it. Ella made one for Alice, and one for Becky, and Alice made one for Ella. The plan is to keep them for birthday gifts, but honestly, I want to have a tea party with them right away, so maybe we’ll cheat and find something else for birthday gifts later.

I have these visions of doing these kinds of things with the girls as they get older, and maybe, like the birthday gifts, I am jumping the gun a bit. Maybe we should have just stuck with the children’s museum and puddle jumping in the park today. Maybe I’m making life harder on myself by putting my girls in these kinds of situations where they have to act like mini-adults, not like the 2 and 4 year old kids they are. It’s a fine line to walk – being with them in their childhoods, while also stretching them and including them in things that feed my creativity. I’ve chosen a path that doesn’t give me freetime to go do these things on my own, and honestly, nothing I would have made would have been as lovely as those little stick figures.  So yes, we were that family today, with the four year old doing ballet between tables, the two year old “washing her hands” in the brush washing water, and the baby nursing while I tried to finish outlining their little drawings.  I’ll just tell myself the people who stopped to stare at us through the windows were thinking kind thoughts, okay?

3 Responses to Year of Pleasures #34

  1. ang says:

    Awww… I love them!! And, yes, the people at the window were just wishing they were you… seriously. ?

  2. Kait says:

    You’re such an amazing Mom Ivory! I would never take my rascally children into polka dot pottery. Plus those cups are totally adorable!

  3. Maytina says:

    Pottery is so much fun!! I may be a total freak show, but I love to paint like a kid. I think the magic age for pottery is 4, I haven’t had much success before then!

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