Dear universe:

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I don’t know what I did to reep such lousy karma today, but I’M SORRY. And stop taking it out on my kids already, okay?

Sincerely, Ivory


I spent 6 hours in the pediatric ER last night, after Becky’s 103 fever suddenly jumped to 104.9, despite her being maxed out on both tylenol and Motrin. My girls have had a lot of fevers, but  nearly 105 (on two thermometers, because I was in disbelief that she could be that hot) sent me scrambling for a diaper bag and the carkeys. I was so flustered when we got to the ER, that I initially gave them the wrong name, and it wasn’t until they put on her name band that I realized “Wait, this isn’t Alice…” Whatever virus she has is hitting hard, and the waiting room was full of feverish babies. We waited an hour to get a room, and another to see the DR, but right away he assured me that I was right to bring her in. She was dehydrated to the point of not having tears when they put in the IV (in her scalp), her heart rate was high, and her breathing was labored. They did a number of blood tests, a catheter to check for a UTI, and a nasal swab to check for the flu, but it all came back clear, so we’re assuming it is just a virus, which made her too lethargic to eat, and the dehydration caused her fever to spike. She was feeling much better after getting fluids, so we got home at 2am.


My only complaint about the trip is that I hate the forhead scanner themometers. Some nurses would do three swipes, get three different numbers and go with the highest, while other nurses just did it once and recorded that number. Becky’s temp “officially” went from 101.3 to 104.2 ten minutes later, to 102.8, 103.1 after another dose of tylenol, and then 100.4 after fluids, and 101 when we left. I know the temporal canner  thermometers are cleaner and faster than a rectal one, and i’m sure Becky appreciated it, but it was frustrating to see the variation, when it was our chief complaint/symptom.

She is feeling better today, but is still obviously fighting off the crud. As long as we can keep her hydrated though, she’ll be fine. I don’t know if her throat hurts, or she’s just too weak, but getting her to nurse and keep it down has been a struggle. She fights the breast, and when I do get her to eat, she unlatches in 3 minutes and throws up. Hopefully tonight/tomorrow she perks up, and will nurse or at least take a bottle of cool water. We’re also on orders to come back to the ER tonight if she starts to look like she did last night, but I’m counting on not having to do that.


So, after that excitement last night, earlier today Ella was playing under a table and stood up, knocking the table forward, and sending the 13lb salt lamp (which had been pushed to the back edge to keep it away from the kids….) crashing down on her head. She has a knot and bruise, but no signs of brain injury, so I made the decision not to rush her to the ER, despite my neurotic brain screaming “but what if she goes to sleep with a concusion, and,and…” Boyscout Tom keeps doing focus tests, asking her riddles, and making her walk in a line, and she keeps passing, so good news: she is also not drunk.

Based on the last 24 hours, I’m really just waiting for Alice to need to go, so we can make it a family affair.

-Written on my phone, because I’m trapped in bed, under a hot baby. Dedication (and boredom): I’ve got it.

4 Responses to Dear universe:

  1. Sarah says:

    Oh, Ivory. Let me know if you need a break tomorrow and I will come get whoever you need to send over. I will even come hold the feverish baby while you shower, if you want me to. I hope the universe gives you a break soon!

  2. Kelly B says:

    what a day. Your poor babies! Jeff likes Ella’s ice-hat, and we are both relieved she hasn’t been driven to drink…. Although I am guessing you’re ready to murder for a glass of wine after a day like this.
    Thinking of you, all of you. xox

  3. tiffany says:

    Awww darling. Those scalp iv’s are the most effective but the scariest looking. The crud is horrible. Hoping te reat of the family won’t catch the bug next. Hugs to you and your fam. Xox

  4. Nisha says:

    Oh, mama, I’m so sorry. Here’s hoping the next few days are a lot better. :)

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